Q: Are there any known bugs?

A: This isn't exactly a bug, but make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser—otherwise, the game will not be saved when you hit the save button!

Q: How do I earn money?

A: There are three ways. One is to gamble in the bar. Two is to trick people into giving you their money (this requires a good personality stat.) Three is to defeat Shadowlings in the Shadowling camp. This is only available once you’ve left the Academy, however. But don’t worry—you can return to the Academy to spend it all at any time by talking to Falstaff!

Q: I’m broke. How do I leave the Academy?

A: Go to Ms. Cleo’s and ask your uncle for money. As long as you have less than 15 gold, he’ll give you some (the amount may vary depending on your personality.) But be warned—he’ll only do this once, so don’t blow it!

Q: I don’t get experience points. How do I level up?

A: There are no overarching levels in this game—you level up individual skills and stats whenever you want using the money you’ve earned. This allows for a lot more flexibility than an experience point system, and it’s simpler to boot. Just visit the tutors in the Southeast building in the Academy and they’ll get you what you want.

Q: Can I increase my personality or aptitude?

A: Nope. Not in this chapter, anyway.

Q: How do I get through the Shadowling Camp?

A: Below, you can see the route I usually take. You have to time it right, of course, but if you do, you’ll make it through with no problem.

Q: Where is the main tent? How do I get inside?

A: It’s the big tent in the top-center of the camp, guarded by two stationary Shadowlings. You can’t miss it. You also can’t go in the front entrance. There is a loose flap around the back—walk up close to it and click on it to go inside.

Q: How do I beat the boss?

A: There are many ways to do it. If you have Contacted someone, Noctus has a one in four chance of unsummoning them via a Dark Vortex on any given turn. Otherwise, he just attacks with Mind Blast or Shadowblast. Guy is, by and large, the most helpful character to Contact if you’re going to go that route, but be prepared in case Noctus wipes him out early on. And I certainly don’t recommend Contacting more than one character at a time!

Pyroblast can be very helpful, especially if you’ve trained it to level 3 or higher. Feedback can also be extremely helpful if you use it after suffering a particularly devastating Shadowblast—-just make sure you’ve got it trained high enough to reverse and reflect most of the damage back onto Noctus!

But ultimately, if your Mind Blast and Mind Shield are trained up enough, if you have high enough Psy Power and Defense, and if you have a full supply of Vision Pills, you may even be able to succeed without using any of these!

Q: The damage dealt by certain attacks seems totally unpredictable. How is it determined?

A: Attack damage in Telepath Chapter 1 is far more randomized than in Chapter 2. I'll spell out the damage formulas for you here:

Mind blast = random # between 1 and your psy power level, plus your mind blast level.

Pyroblast = random # between 1 and your psy power level, plus one, plus double your pyroblast level.

Mind shield = random # between 1 and your psy defense level, plus your mind shield level.

Unlike the other attacks, the effects of Feedback are never random. It is dependent on 1) your psy defense and feedback level and 2) the amount of damage the enemy did to you in its last attack.

In other words, you’ll both regain and return damage equal to your feedback level plus your psy defense, minus 4, but limited to the amount of damage the enemy just dealt you, plus 1.

Q: How many endings are there? Are any of them happy?

A: There are four endings in Chapter 1. And yes, there will be a happy ending--but not in Chapter 1. (If there was, there'd be no reason for a Chapter 2, right?)

Q: Why can't I buy the advanced books?

A: Aptitude measures a character's ability to learn. To put it bluntly, your character just isn't smart enough--he/she needs to have an aptitude of at least 8 to purchase any advanced books.

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